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How To Make Money With Forex For Free

By April 14, 2020 how to

Trading for free and earning real money IS possible! How about that for an opening line? Let’s jump straight to the point as there’s a lot of explaining that has to be done. We have looked into a few methods of making money with Forex for free novice traders aren’t aware of simply due to lack of experience in the industry. How can you look for something unless you know it exists, right?

Before you start Forex trading, we don’t want you to have any illusions as to its simplicity –  for the most part it isn’t. Nevertheless, the point of this discussion is to fill traders in on the details of how to make money trading Forex with no previous experience. There is no stronger motivation than a growing positive balance.

In order for you to start trading for free and earning real money, you essentially need to qualify for two things: the ability to look at what’s in front of you from different perspectives and being able to multitask. It should go without saying that the income you’ll be able to generate will depend primarily on the amount of patience and persistence you’re willing to practice.

Some of the methods described in this article may be universal, meaning they might work with any broker of your choice. Naturally, we are going to look into these methods and their implementation through the traderXlab platform.

Free Forex Trading Account With Real Money

When you register with traderXlab, you obtain instant access to the platform where you can practice trading in test mode. The prices, charts and news are updated in real-time with the only exception that you can’t make real money just yet.  

To get a free forex trading account with real money you need to go through a simple, stress-free KYC process. This is a standard procedure that all brokers and financial institutions must abide by. 

Once your account has been verified, it is time for you to decide how much money you want to make. $250? $5,000? $10,000? More? Once you’ve decided how much you want to make today, this money will become available to you almost immediately.

How does it work? Here’s the trick: most new traders don’t know they can claim up to 100% bonus on the deposited amount and miss out on potentially doubling their deposit. For example, if you deposit $5,000 today, you need to request your account manager to add a bonus to your balance. This way, the initial $5K can turn into $10,000 of trading capital. 

What’s more, you can keep claiming your bonus every time you make a new deposit. In effect, every dollar you invest comes back to you, and this is how you can trade with zero investment whatsoever. 

What’s in it for the company? As a trading company, traderXlab wouldn’t be capable of such generous gestures if it wasn’t for its investment advisors and traders. The company’s history and reputation is built on successful traders. Today, traderXlab wants to continue the good tradition of backing traders of all levels and backgrounds by providing them with sufficient financial support for a strong start. 

Earn Money By Referring Friends

Referring friends (and online users) to traderXlab is another relatively easy way of earning real money and trading Forex for free. One of the biggest advantages for the traders that sign up is that they can enjoy the same benefits of 100% bonus as described above. 

Besides, traderXlab offers one of the most generous rewards to its referrals – up to 10% on the deposited amount. This way, if your friend deposits $10,000, you’ll receive a hefty $1,000 by, literally, not doing anything.

Tell your account manager the full name of the person you referred to traderXlab and enjoy trading with an extra of up to 10% in your trading account.

Social Trading. Copy Successful Trades

Since we’re on this subject of earning money by not doing much, social trading is another way of earning passive income.

The way social trading works is pretty simple: traderXlab platform allows its members to find successful traders and automatically copy their trades. Traders come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more aggressive (riskier) in their trading style than others. As long as you use common sense and don’t go all-in on the first trader of choice, social trading is generally suitable for users of little to no experience whatsoever. 


Even if you’re new to forex trading and have no previous experience in the financial sector, there are three distinct methods of making money in forex. Whether you want to double your initial deposit, earn extra by referring people to join traderXlab or earn passive income through social trading. All these options require almost no effort and whether you want to stick to a particular method or practice a combination of the three, the choice is yours.