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SOS! I Lost All My Money Day Trading

By May 5, 2020 May 7th, 2020 how to
lost everything day trading

It’s sad to admit that most casual traders end up losing all their money in Forex. Today, every reputable Forex company is obliged to disclose the percentage of retail investors who have lost money with that particular broker. These numbers typically range from 60% to 95%, roughly speaking. There are a few reasons why Forex traders lose money, and luckily for you there are also certain basic recommendations that will help you avoid becoming a part of the grim statistics.

TraderXlab is among the very few proud Forex brokers that are on the lower end of the spectrum – 63.21%. We have achieved and been constantly maintaining this level by dedicating our time and effort to provide equal and fair trading opportunities to all traders, as well as support solid development of their trading knowledge, confidence and skills.

Regardless of the positive results traderXlab has got, day trading remains a risky type of investment and is not suitable for everyone. Just like not everyone is born to be a singer, trading CFDs also requires a particular talent and vision. Having said that, some investors can benefit a lot from Social Trading (aka Copy Trading) – yet another service offered by traderXlab – where traders can simply choose a successful trader whose trades they’d like to copy. 

Even when you decide to engage in this guilt-free passive income generating machine called Copy Trading, you still have to assume the responsibility for any potential losses that may occur. 

Many novice Forex traders make an assumption that the reason for their misfortune is the broker. But before you ring the alarm and jeopardise your entire trading portfolio, think of the Forex broker as a business. Every business relies on its returning clients, and less so on one-time customers.

Financially speaking, it doesn’t make much sense having to spend consultancy and education time and resources on traders whom the broker doesn’t intend to keep.

Technically speaking, a broker cannot get involved in your trading activity without your knowledge not only due to the complex authentication process, but also due to the transparent history of all the trades that have been executed from your account.

Last, but not least, there is also the business ethics that reputable brokers, like traderXlab, honour and respect. Credible Forex brokers don’t steal your money, and traders have to accept the fact that trading losses occur because the markets didn’t behave as the trader had expected. 

Lost Everything In Stock Market. Take Action!

If you have lost everything day trading, this can mean only one thing: you have overestimated your trading abilities. This, in its turn, can tranpire in the most common trading mistakes, like overconfidence, overtrading, not fixing the strategy, ignoring the market sentiment, lack of knowledge, implementing a gambling mentality, etc.  

Losing everything in stock market may seem like the end of the world. By “losing everything” we strictly mean cases when a trader has lost all the funds from their trading account. We wouldn’t feel comfortable writing about extreme examples when some traders lose their house, pension or college fund, etc. Such cases only happen when an individual resorts to Forex trading as a means to satisfy their thirst for gambling. At traderXlab, we repeatedly remind our traders that they must never trade more than they can afford to lose. 

How To Recover From Stock Loss

Once you’ve fully recovered mentally and done your homework on the mistakes that have led you to the big loss, it is time to get back on track. 

A healthy way to plan your financial recovery is to start off small and be mindful of every step. Just like before, some losses will happen, but if kept at minimum, they will not devastate your trading account. Eventually, you will have reached your goal, but be realistic about how fast and how much you’ll be able to recover. 

At traderXlab, you can always use the opportunity to speak to a financial advisor. Financial advisors keep their pulse on the latest market trends, the potential impact of global economic and political news releases, as well as relevant numbers and statistics. You can get a second opinion, get help in developing your trading strategy and receive the latest updates on the assets you wish to trade. This service is available to all our verified clients completely at no extra charge.

There are certain features that make traderXlab a truly unique and fair broker. With every transfer into your trading account, you can double the deposited amount. More funds available means you can open more trades and potentially recover from stock loss a lot faster. 

More so, traderXlab is among very few brokers that offer 1:1000 leverage. When your confidence in a particular asset movement is rock-solid, you can max up your leverage in an attempt to significantly increase your profit. On the other hand, should your market movement predictions fall flat, you run into a possibility of a large loss. Consider all the pros and cons before using high leverage.

To speed up your recovery and win your trading losses back, you can incorporate some passive methods, too. 

Passive Income For A Trader

If you’re an eager street-wise entrepreneur at heart, you may have thought of other ways of generating passive income apart from having to personally execute your trades every time. TraderXlab thought the same. 

Copy Trading = Social Trading = Passive Trading

Who can resist the idea of someone else doing the heavy-lifting and you collecting the coins? Copy Trading is exactly that: you select an experienced trader with a high win rate, and with a click of a button all their trading activity is copied into your dashboard. The chosen trader gets his commission, you get the job done. It’s a win-win.

Refer Friends = Recover From Forex Loss Faster

If you have a relatively large Social Media audience, or you have a couple of 100s of online friends, you may be eligible for up to 10% of their deposit with traderXlab. Let’s face it, the employment market becomes very shaky when humanity is faced with a pandemic or a crisis (just think of the most recent COVID-19 situation). Everyone needs to secure their income flow, let alone plan their retirement. Let’s say, your friends are big fans of technology. They can trade Tesla, Apple, Google and many other tech-related stocks available on the traderXlab platform. 

TraderXlab offers 40+ currency pairs, 110+ international stocks, 25+ cryptocurrencies, Indices and Commodities. Regardless of your contacts’ interests and preferences, they will always find an asset they’re passionate about.


Even if you end up losing everything day trading, you still have multiple options of how to win your trading losses back. TraderXlab makes it possible for traders to recover from losses at a faster rate with fairer conditions. We have created Copy Trading and Referral programs to support traders who want to generate passive income while trading at any point in time.